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Creative Countertops is excited to add laminate to our product line-up and round out our portfolio of fabricated countertops.  We now offer a full-line of the most popular materials available in a broad range of styles and price points.

With its entry-level pricing, laminate is an excellent budget-friendly choice in countertops.  It's also very versatile, offering the widest selection of colors and patterns of any countertop product.  Today’s premium laminates are available in designs with depth and dimension that emulate the look and feel of granite, stone, solid surface, and even wood.  

Laminate is created from layers of kraft paper—a strong, moisture-resistant product with bonded fiber. These papers are treated with resin and fused together using high heat and pressure. The very top layer is a decorative (colored) paper that’s covered with a hard plastic overlay. The result is a hard, durable material that’s water resistant, easy to clean and relatively inexpensive.

Postform laminate is laminate that is heated and bent around a curved particleboard to produce a seamless front edge, countertop and backsplash.

Creative Countertops markets laminate from the two best-known brands in the industry, Formica® and Wilsonart®. Please contact Creative Countertops for information on pricing and availability.

Key Differences:


  • Budget priced
  • Mimics pricier materials
  • Seamless when postformed
  • Formica Solid Surface

    Wilsonart Solid Surface